Keep your programs secure with controlled administrative access

Setting permissions for each of your administrators helps keep your data secure by ensuring program-level data is accessed only by those who need it, while reducing clutter for program leads by showing them only what’s relevant.

Join us for this Masterclass Webinar and learn about the different levels of administrative access you can grant to users in SurveyMonkey Apply.

With permissions, you’ll create a more efficient chain of command. Not only will you you be able to delegate tasks to program leads, but you’ll have confidence knowing they won’t be able to see any additional information outside of the programs you allow them to work with.

Join us on Wednesday, March 13th at 11:30am ET (8:30am PT) to:

• Learn about the different levels of administrative access that can be granted
• Understand the benefits of setting administrative permissions for users
• Gather useful tips on how to set administrative permissions, from start to finish

Meet the presenters:

Renee Callaghan

Implementation Specialist

Renee brings experience in public relations and client management to her role as Implementation Specialist at SurveyMonkey Apply. Though Renee started her role in 2017, one of her favorite things about working for SurveyMonkey is that every day is different. With strong skills in project development, Renee works to create solutions for clients that will work for their unique requirements.

Steve Dale

Implementation Specialist

Steve joined SurveyMonkey in 2017 from a background in customer service and client communications. As an Implementation Specialist at SurveyMonkey Apply, Steve works directly with customers to deliver high-quality service and a tailed approach to each project. On the day to day, Steve aims to offer the smoothest and best possible outcome for each customer.

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