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3 common reporting challenges, 1 simple solution!

Ross May

Reporting is becoming an important step in application management, and taking data collection away from paper and pen can open the door to an easier process. With 68% of foundations already offering an online application for their grant programs, collected data can easily be used to uncover valuable program insights.

But many program managers still struggle with reporting. They’re often bogged down by having to move data from one system to another, like from their application intake tool to Excel. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can be difficult to juggle multiple tools at the same time.

Luckily, there’s an easier way! SurveyMonkey Apply offers a platform to help you collect and manage your application data, but it also includes built-in reporting features to make creating reports easy and eliminate the need for multiple tools. When you collect, review and report on data in one place, you can look forward to some key benefits:

You won’t waste your time cutting and pasting

If reporting is part of your role, it’s likely not the only job you have or the only project you manage. Data can be a window into powerful results, but it can also cause a huge headache and a lot of extra work.

If data from applicants and reviewers is being collected outside of the tool you use for reporting, copying and pasting the data can take time, and maybe even the resources of an IT team. If the data is being collected on paper or through email, it can take even more time to massage that data into a format that you’re able to create reports with.

SurveyMonkey Apply allows you to move data quickly between stages in your process. You’ll collect data and generate reports in one place, and you won’t struggle copying data into other systems.

You’ll be able to pull your data easily, and draw conclusions fast

Drawing conclusions and organizing data can be an intimidating and time-consuming task, especially if you’re asked to create reports manually or using an outside tool that doesn’t connect with your intake system.

Reports offer an easy way to correlate and analyze trends, but that can be challenging without the help of software. SurveyMonkey Apply helps you explore the data you capture to identify hidden trends and correlations. Better yet, it saves you time!

Using Apply to collect data unlocks the ability to report on trends such as application completion rates, time spent on the application, geographic location, reviewer task completion, and more, in seconds.

Your reports will be presentation-ready in seconds

We all know that data is important and can offer a powerful message when presented the right way. But nothing is more frustrating than spending a tedious amount of time trying to tell your story with data, only to arrive at an outcome you’re not satisfied with. What you want is to generate enthusiasm.

SurveyMonkey Apply pairs data visualization with compelling resources like applicant data, review scores, trends and year-over-year analysis to provide better insight, but also to build program credibility and satisfy needs of board members and other stakeholders.

Since there’s no alternative to reporting up the funnel, rolling your data into a visually compelling report, without spending more time than you need to, creates the perfect relationship between time well-spent and data well-managed.

If you’re using a handful of tools, moving data from software to software, drawing conclusions manually with data entry, or spending hours on your weekly reports, it may be time to see if SurveyMonkey Apply can help you save time.

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