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Rafal Deren

Organizing, analyzing, and reporting on program data is critical to understanding trends, improving outcomes, and communicating success. That’s why we’re so excited to showcase SurveyMonkey Apply’s new reporting functionality!

If you’ve used SurveyMonkey Apply’s reporting before, you can expect improvements across the board — we’ve taken your feedback and fine tuned the details. If you’re new to Apply, get ready for some powerful functionality.

A streamlined approach to reporting

When building Apply’s new reporting capabilities, we focused on a few key objectives:

1. It had to be fast

You want to dig into your data — all your data — as quickly as possible, without roadblocks. Our focus was to create a streamlined and friction-free experience, enabling you to create insightful reports in as few clicks as possible.

2. It had to be focused

A cluttered and confusing interface wastes time, and you shouldn’t have to navigate through multiple screens and menus to get what you need. Our goal was to give you access to everything in one, easy-to-navigate editor.

3. It had to be configurable

Giving you complete control over your data was paramount. Our aim was to give you the ability to easily edit every aspect of your reports, from how they look to the elements they include.

Access unparalleled insights and tell your story with data

When you collect information through SurveyMonkey Apply, you’re left with a rich pool of information that can tell a story. All of that is now at your fingertips. You can create reports and drill into applicant, reviewer, and other program data, in seconds. If you capture it, you can report on it.

Create reports to visualize how applicants are moving through your application stages, track how quickly reviewers are submitting their feedback, identify your top applicants per program type, show how much funding you’ve distributed, and more.

Whether you have a big presentation coming up or just want to keep everyone in the loop, reports help you and your team better understand your results and uncover key trends. The end result? Better decisions and an improved your process.

With Apply’s report builder, you can:

• Create bar charts, data tables and cross-tabulations to visualize your data
• Drill down into your data with advanced filtering
• Leverage advanced statistics to create reports that feature mode, median, sums, counts, and other measures

All of this can be done with an intuitive point-and-click interface that makes advanced reporting accessible to administrators with all levels of experience.

And once you’ve collected, organized, and visualized your data, you can easily share it with internal and external stakeholders online, or by exporting your reports to Excel, CSV, and other formats.

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