Take control of your review process with reviewer assignments

When your application deadline closes, it’s time to assign applications to reviewers. Instead of assessing and assigning each one individually, use SurveyMonkey Apply’s assignment features to efficiently get your reviewers the applications they need.

In this Masterclass Webinar, learn how to assign applications to reviewers and capture the feedback you need, fast. Explore manual vs. automated assignments, and see how and when to use each.

By leveraging assignment features, application assignment and review can happen quickly, saving time and removing redundant tasks for administrators while reducing wait time for applicants.

Join us on May 15th, 2019 at 11:30am ET (8:30am PT) for this Masterclass Webinar, where administrators will:

• Review different options for assigning applications to reviewers
• Manage reviewer visibility settings
• Harness the power of automatic assignments

Meet the presenters:

Renee Callaghan

Implementation Specialist

Renee brings experience in public relations and client management to her role as Implementation Specialist at SurveyMonkey Apply. Renee manages SurveyMonkey Apply implementation projects and works to creates solutions for clients that meet their unique requirements.

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