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Building a smarter, faster application process

How the American Meteorological Society uses SurveyMonkey Apply to streamline application intake and review across sixteen scholarship, fellowship, and award programs.



Brian Papa
Associate Executive Director, American Meteorological Society
Brian has been at the AMS for 14 years and oversees IT, leading project management efforts to guide implementation of new approaches, software, and procedures to be used across the AMS. He is responsible for oversight of the AMS’s operational departments and ensuring the AMS is operating in an efficient and productive manner.

Stephanie Armstrong
Associate Executive Director, American Meteorological Society
Stephanie has been at the AMS for 25 years and oversees all aspects of development activities, including cultivating and maintaining donor relationships, procurement of major gifts, and the implementation of annual giving campaigns. She leads securing sponsorship for AMS programs and meetings. All of this provides support for our scholarship, fellowship, and grant programs that support our community. Stephanie also serves as staff focal point for all diversity, equity, and inclusion programs, and coordinates and leads efforts to ensure safe and welcoming venues for all AMS functions, including a leading harassment response team.

Nichole Vine
Senior Content Marketing Specialist, SurveyMonkey (Moderator)
Nichole joined SurveyMonkey in 2015, channeling her background in journalism to connect with customers and understand their goals. As the Content Marketing Manager, Nichole interacts with SurveyMonkey customers on a daily basis to collect and share insights, feedback and stories.

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