Power a better future

Help the next generation of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs change the world. Use SurveyMonkey Apply to effectively administer scholarship programs.

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Turn students’ dreams into reality

Streamline your entire scholarship administration process, from eligibility screening and application intake to review, selection and post-award tracking. SurveyMonkey Apply empowers organizations to award millions of dollars in scholarships to deserving students each year.

Put students’ success first

Make finding and applying to scholarships painless. With an intuitive scholarship portal, streamlined applications, and powerful communication tools, SurveyMonkey Apply makes supporting students simple, fast and efficient.

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Make your work easier

You have a lot on your plate. Imagine if you had more time? SurveyMonkey Apply seamlessly integrates into the way you work, automates the repetitive, time-consuming tasks in your process, and frees up your time for the things that matter most.

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Increase scholarship utilization

It’s not just a scholarship. It’s the next world-changing leader, innovative startup, or life-saving discovery. It’s critical that your scholarships are awarded to the right candidates, and SurveyMonkey Apply helps you confidently find and select the right students - making sure that your funds are utilized.

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All the features you need

  • Student portals

    Direct students to a branded portal where they can easily view scholarships, submit applications, and track their status.

  • Scholarship matching

    Dynamically match students to the opportunities they’re eligible for, and filter out ineligible applicants.

  • Smart forms

    Create smart forms to capture the information you need. Make use of over 20 question types, skip logic, and more

  • File uploads

    Accept documents and media files with ease, in the format you specify.

  • Automated references

    Make it easy for students to request reference letters, and for referrers to submit references, in one place.

  • Thank-you letters

    Follow-up with awarded students and automate the collection of thank-you letters and videos.

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