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Seamlessly collect applications, coordinate reviews and select your best candidates. Replace frustrating, manual processes, streamline workflows and make better, faster decisions.

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Collect applications

Empower applicants to submit and manage applications online. Make it easy to complete forms, upload attachments, request references, and process payments.

Streamline administration

Customize requirements, workflows, and coordinate everything in one place. Pre-screen applications, automate repetitive tasks, send out reminders, and more.

Select your best candidates

Make submitting feedback fast and simple. Direct reviewers to an intuitive portal where they can view applications and submit reviews in real-time.

Create a frictionless application experience

Make it simple for candidates to complete and manage applications online, quickly and confidently.

  • Branded applicant portals

    Direct candidates to a branded portal where they can easily view programs, instructions and requirements, from any device.

  • Capture everything you need in one place

    Make it easy to complete forms, upload attachments, request references, and process payments.

  • Enable collaboration

    Make it easy for applicants to work together on applications, in real-time, from different devices.

Work smarter and faster

Keep everything organized and save hours of time by replacing manual workflows with powerful automations.

  • Pre-screen applications for eligibility

    Automatically pre-screen applicants with custom eligibility requirements.

  • Automate workflows

    Save hours of time with powerful automations to move applications between stages, assign applications to reviewers, and more.

  • Validate information

    Instantly validate information entered into application forms. Add word minimums and limits, formatting requirements, and more.

  • Communicate with stakeholders

    Send, schedule, and automate emails to applicants and reviewers using our templates or create your own.

  • Track applicants

    Easily store and retrieve application data, and track applications as they move through your process.

  • Collaborate with your team

    Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff, and maintain audit trails of all actions.

With SurveyMonkey Apply in place, the feedback speaks for itself. The online application is so much clearer and more accessible, and I can easily access, read and report out on everything. It simply works.

Liz Fickett, Scholarship Funds Manager

SurveyMonkey Apply has been invaluable in helping us administer the Tillman Scholars Program. Everything flows and feels intuitive, and it’s been great for applicants, administrators and reviewers!

Elizabeth O’Herrin, Director of Programs and Scholarships

Accelerate reviews

Create a seamless experience for reviewers and collect the feedback you need to make the right decisions.

  • Intuitive online review portals

    Make completing reviews from any device simple and fast with side-by-side views, and keep reviewers on track with clear guidance.

  • Automatic reviewer assignments

    Assign applications to reviewers as they come in. Set up routing criteria to make sure the right applications go to the right reviewers.

  • Simple and advanced reviews

    Provide reviewers with a simple scale for reviews, like a yes or no, or one-to-five rating, or create custom review forms.

  • Review teams and collaboration

    Make it easy for reviewers to work together on applications in real-time, wherever they may be.

Track your process from end-to-end and report on your success

Monitor applicant and reviewer activity, drill into your data, and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Never lose sight of what's happening. Keep track of application volume, review progress, and more, with dynamic dashboards.

  • Robust drag and drop report builder

    Report on any data points you capture, from applicant demographics to budget details. Create impactful, visual reports in seconds.

  • Data exports

    Export your data to Excel, CSV, and other formats with one click.

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Work with confidence

Everything you need to keep your data safe and secure

  • Enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliance
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and encrypted backups
  • Dedicated information security team
  • Seamless data migration

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