SurveyMonkey’s resources for the coronavirus crisis

It’s never been more critical to serve our communities

These are unprecedented times, and we hope you and your family are safe and well. SurveyMonkey’s entire global organization is working from home, and we’re all adjusting to this new normal, trying to focus on supporting our clients (Here’s what our CEO Zander had to say about that).

Thousands of organizations around the world depend on SurveyMonkey Apply, and we take this responsibility seriously. Many of you are on the front lines, and as we all work through the impact of COVID-19, we'd like to share some resources and tools to help organizations manage this crisis.

  • Discounts on Apply plans

    Registered nonprofits and charities can receive up to a 30% discount on their first year of a SurveyMonkey Apply purchase made before September 30th, 2020.* If you are looking to launch a program, please reach out to our team here.

  • Discounts on Surveys Plans

    Everyone wants to understand how people are coping with the current moment. We’re offering deep discounts on our Surveys Plans to some of the groups who are most affected by the coronavirus crisis—those in education, charities, and nonprofits. Learn more here.

  • Research templates & resources

    Our research team has been continually polling the US population to gauge how people are thinking and feeling about current events. Here are their latest findings, in case it helps you and your leadership team assess the situation.

    We also have new survey templates to help you check in with the people you work with and serve.

*All discounts are granted at SurveyMonkey’s sole discretion for one-year periods. SurveyMonkey may decline to renew a discount at its sole discretion. The discounts we have available differ depending on the country you’re located in.

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