Customer story: Giving Kitchen

Heroes with aprons instead of capes

Offering guidance, security, sanctuary, community, and a fighting chance, the Giving Kitchen serves those who serve us with grants that support restaurant workers facing unexpected crisis. To date, over 1,000 assistance grants have been given and requests continue to double and triple from year to year. See why they chose SurveyMonkey Apply to collect and review applications and grow their reach.


Over one weekend, we opened an application and were able to support over 130 people who were severely devastated when Hurricane Irma hit. Having SurveyMonkey Apply as our first point of contact for a situation like that was miraculous, and it allowed us to do something we never thought would be possible in such an unexpected emergency.

– Leah Melnick, Director of Programs

Streamline how you collect and review applications

Seamlessly manage grants, scholarships, fellowships, and more. Create a frictionless application, automate workflows and make better, faster decisions.

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