The easiest way to collect and review applications

SurveyMonkey Apply is ready to streamline how you manage grants, scholarships, fellowships and other programs. Simplify applications, automate workflows, and get the feedback you need to select your best candidates, faster.


SurveyMonkey Apply made it easy to collect thousands of applications and manage our entire review process. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th Grant without it.


One hub for your entire application and review process

Online applications, communication, feedback and review, financial management: everything lives tidily together in Apply. With your workflow and team in one intuitive tool, coordinating application programs has never been this simple.

  • Create a frictionless application

    Set up an intuitive portal to collect applications, manage communication, and create a modern, fast and straightforward experience for applicants.

  • Capture everything you need

    Create dynamic online forms, seamlessly accept documents and files, and even gather references and payments in one place.

  • Automate administration

    Save hours of time with powerful automation to pre-screen applications, move applicants between stages, send reminders, and more.

  • Streamline reviews

    Direct reviewers to an intuitive, online portal where they can view application materials and provide feedback from any device.

  • Never lose track of your process

    Sign in from any device, anywhere, on any browser, and quickly access the data you need in easily digestible formats with data reporting and visualizations.

  • Partner with a team dedicated to your success

    Take advantage of free implementation and onboarding, unlimited support, and a library of training resources.

Fostering a place to live, work, play and stay

See how the Town of Breckenridge empowers families to stay in their community by offering Childcare Tuition Assistance, and learn why they chose SurveyMonkey Apply to manage applications for the program.

Ready to learn more?

Use Apply to seamlessly manage application intake and review for your grants, scholarships, fellowships, and other programs. Create a frictionless application, automate workflows and make better, faster decisions.

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