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Four incredible organizations show quick action, resilience, and creative thinking during times of crisis

Ross May

Like many, SurveyMonkey Apply has never seen times like these. Times where everyone around the world is dealing with the same issues and concerns; affected by something so fast-changing. A crisis that is not just local, but global

As companies shift, change direction, and do everything they can to help their customers and communities, SurveyMonkey Apply has been working in step with organizations that are taking quick and creative action to help those they serve, during this time of crisis. 

It has been a privilege to help our customers bring their programs to life. These past few months in particular, we have seen incredible gestures of kindness, creativity, and innovation. From scholarships, grants, relief funds, and awards, to stipends, housing support, financial aid and a number of other resources, we’re wholly inspired by our customers as we watch them turn mission into action, using their SurveyMonkey Apply licenses to give back and support those close to them when it matters most. 

Read a few examples of our amazing customers below!


The Town of Breckenridge


In support of local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, the Town of Breckenridge approved a $1M grant fund to help local businesses with immediate rent support. This grant is to keep tenants and landlords afloat as they were ordered to shut down business right in the middle of spring break — the busiest tourist time of the year in the ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado.

Local businesses in Breckenridge are already seeing financial relief as they’re gifted with extra time to sort out finances, thanks to the Town and their immediate community support. 

“Without SurveyMonkey Apply, we would not have been able to create such a robust application and tracking system like we did. There would have been paper or something difficult to translate to a digital platform, and with everyone working from home, digital was mandatory. As of today, 24 hours later, we have 76 applications in process, 16 in review and 10 approved for funding. The timing is unbelievable. Talk about seamless, and completely digital!” – Corrie Burr, Child Care & Housing Administrator



Ureeka, a Community with a mission to help small businesses, shifted their focus to administering grant programs that support small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

“Given the number of businesses impacted by COVID-19, it was vital that we have a platform with flexibility to manage a large volume of applications across different programs. SurveyMonkey Apply provides that capacity and customization we need.” – Yosha Ulrich-Sturmat, Head of Products


PenFed Foundation


When the COVID-19 outbreak began, PenFed Foundation was the first national veterans service organization to start a COVID-19 relief program for veterans and service members. To build this new program quickly, PenFed Foundation used the structure of their pre-existing emergency financial assistance program, “Military Heroes Fund,” which offers financial assistance for wounded, ill, and injured post 9-11 combat veterans who are experiencing an unexpected short term financial setback. 

They were able to quickly create a program in mid-March to provide financial assistance to veterans and service members experiencing a financial emergency due to job loss caused by COVID-19.

“The response to our COVID-19 relief program has been overwhelming. In four days, we received more than 6,000 applications. We’ve helped hundreds of military and veterans experiencing a financial emergency from the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to be able to help even more military families prevent a financial emergency from turning into a long-term hardship,” says Daria Teutonico, Programs Director at PenFed Foundation.

The PenFed Foundation uses SurveyMonkey Apply as the application portal for all application programs.

Featured in the photos, on the left you can see Navy veteran Jermaine White, who received assistance through PenFed Foundation’s Dream Makers Home Buying Assistance Program to purchase his first home after serving in the military for more than 20 years.

On the right, you can see Marine veteran Edward Schrank, who received assistance through the Military Heroes Fund, Emergency Financial Assistance while receiving treatment for cancer.


United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has partnered with other community leaders to bring together 28 local funders and provide one common COVID relief grant application. The program is called North Texas Cares. 

Because UWMD has a SurveyMonkey Apply license, they were able to put together a new granting process in 24 hours and begin processing the hundreds of applications from area nonprofits.

“The speed and flexibility of the platform made this an easy task and allowed us to start getting funds into the community within four days of launching the application. We hope that our quick response and ongoing process will help keep area nonprofits afloat during these challenging times. We could not have moved so quickly without SurveyMonkey Apply.” – Kate Knight, Director, Innovation & Nonprofit Success, UWMD

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