Quick tips to declutter your application process

You’ve got your application process down, but how much time are you left with at the end of the day? You deserve a simpler, faster experience.

Join us for this webinar and learn how the United Way of the Inland Valleys transformed a clunky and time-consuming application into a streamlined and scalable process, and get practical takeaways to do the same.

We’ll cover:

• Easy ways to create a more user-friendly application
• Concrete tips to increase user efficiency
• How the look and feel of your application impacts your success

Meet the presenters:

Jennifer Thornton

Program Manager, United Way of the Inland Valleys

Jennifer Thornton is a Program Manager at United Way of the Inland Valleys and works first hand with organizations who apply for funding to serve their community, and individuals looking to take advantage of the various resources and programs that the organization offers. With a background in corporate relations and project management, Jennifer strives to understand and deliver on the needs of her community to promote a strong support system throughout Riverside and beyond.

Nichole Vine

Content Marketing Manager, SurveyMonkey Apply

Nichole first joined the SurveyMonkey Apply Sales Development team in 2015, channeling her background in journalism and sales to connect with customers and understand their goals. As the Content Marketing Manager today, Nichole continues to interact with Apply customers on a daily basis to collect insights, feedback and stories from our most trusted users that inform website content and resources.

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