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Seamlessly collect documents with in-form uploads

Ross May

Have you ever had to attach your resume to an online application? Or how about a cover letter? Most online applications require one or multiple supporting documents  that need to be attached to the submission. Our goal at SurveyMonkey Apply is to make the applicant experience as streamlined as possible, which means making it easy for applicants to upload documents throughout the application process, at the time that makes the most sense for them.

We’ve built in-form file uploads to make uploading supporting documents easier than ever. Applicants can now fill out their application form and upload documents all in the same place, at the same time.


Simplify the Applicant Experience

Applicant burden is a real thing. Sometimes the longer the task list, the less likely an applicant is to complete all the requirements. In some cases, we’ve seen this result in low application submittal rates.

In the initial application form, you may want to ask the applicant for information that they’ll need to confirm with supporting documents; such as academic grades or certifications. It may not make sense to ask the applicant for their grades in the application form, only to ask for their transcript at the end of the application.

In-form file uploads is a new feature that will allow you to customize when and how users upload files to their application, so that you can group relevant form questions with areas to upload supporting documents. Whether it’s a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet, optional or mandatory, uploading documents right into the application form will add more context to each file you request. This also helps you provide your applicants with a speedier application experience.

If you require any additional documents that don’t directly relate to the questions being asked in the application form, a stand-alone upload task can be used to collect remaining documentation outside of the form.


Streamline the Application Process

Sometimes, it simply makes more sense to upload a file within a form instead of waiting to upload it later. This can also apply to other types of uploads, such as budget sheets.

Budgeting, for example, often requires an applicant to fill in some basic information on their form, but also requires a formalized budget to be uploaded as well. As the applicant answers questions about their annual budget, in-form file uploads will enable the applicant to upload their formalized budget at the same time, as part of the form.

In another circumstance, maybe you only need to ask for an uploaded document if an applicant answers ‘yes’ to a question. Our handy branching editor allows you to hide or show this upload task based on an applicant’s form response. For example, does an applicant have to provide a school transcript if they never attended school?  Probably not!


Make Reviewing a Breeze

Reviewers get tired, too. Instead of searching through the application to find relevant files, reviewers can now see an applicant’s supporting documents as they look through their application form. This gives reviewers the context they need right within the form to understand the application, leading to faster and more accurate scoring (and more accurate awarding for you!)

Interested in learning more? If you would like to chat about this in detail, check out our how-to article or reach out to our Customer Success Management team!

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