Apply + Salesforce

Pair SurveyMonkey Apply with Salesforce for a lightning-fast integration you and your whole team can rely on. Eliminate data silos and speed up workflows.

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Keep your application data in perfect harmony with Salesforce

Sharing data between Salesforce and Apply means simpler tracking, richer reporting and stronger outcome measurement.

Bridge the gap between your application and CRM

With a powerful bi-directional sync, information entered into Apply is automatically synced to Salesforce, and vice versa, so you can maintain a single source of truth. Say goodbye to manually copying data between systems.

• Automatically convert applicants into contacts or accounts
• Update Salesforce when application data is submitted
• View and report on application and review data directly in Salesforce
• Push post-award data and updates into Salesforce

Create a personalized application experience

Use details from Salesforce to personalize applications and create a dynamic, tailored experience.

• Pre-fill applications and forms with information from Salesforce
• Enrich applications with Salesforce data
• Customize application requirements and steps based on Salesforce data
• Trigger automations in Salesforce when events occur in Apply

Get setup in minutes – no technical knowledge required

Getting started with the Apply-Salesforce integration is easy and requires no technical work – just a straightforward call with our implementation team.

• Get guidance from an expert to setup mapping and automation
• Maintain or update your integration with a few clicks
• Access a library of helpful resources and industry-leading support

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