Your entire application and review process in one place

Seamlessly collect and review applications, select your best candidates, and drive your mission forward.

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Create a frictionless application experience

Set up an intuitive portal for applicants and clearly display opportunities, instructions and requirements. Make it easy to fill out forms, upload materials, and provide references in one place, from any device.

  • Applicant portals

    Set up an intuitive portal where applicants can easily view and complete your opportunities and requirements, and track their application status.

  • Smart forms

    Capture the information you need with dynamic online forms. Easily build application forms and make use of over 20 question types, skip logic, and more.

  • File uploads

    Accept documents and media files with ease, in the format you specify.

  • Eligibility screening

    Automatically pre-screen incoming applications and ensure that you only received qualified candidates.

  • Collaborative applications

    Make it easy for applicants to work together on applications, in real-time, from different devices.

  • Automated references

    Enable applicants to request reference letters, and for referrers to submit references, directly through SurveyMonkey Apply.

Make your work easier

Bring your entire application and review process together in one place. Keep everything organized, centralized and automated, so your process runs smoothly, everyone knows where things stand, and everyone can get what they need.

  • Program workflows

    Easily customize application and review workflows for your programs. Ensure everyone can do what they need to do.

  • Workflow automations

    Automate repetitive tasks - validate incoming applications, send notification messages, move applicants between stages, and more.

  • Application tracking

    Easily store and retrieve application data, and track applications as they move through your process.

  • Insightful dashboards

    Create and monitor insightful dashboards in real-time and never lose track of what’s happening.

  • Relationship management

    Send, manage and track all email communications with your applicants and reviewers.

  • Role-based permissions

    Provide granular, role-based permissions to your staff, and maintain audit trails of all actions.

Select your best candidates

Streamline application reviews, creates a seamless experience for reviewers, and collect the feedback you need to make the right decisions.

  • Reviewer portals

    Provide reviewers with a straightforward, intuitive portal where they can access all application materials.

  • Side-by-side reviews

    Give reviewers the ability to view application materials in parallel with review forms. No more toggling back and forth between screens, or shuffling through papers.

  • Automatic review assignments

    Automatically assign applications to reviewers based on criteria you establish.

  • Simple reviews

    Provide reviewers with a simple scale for reviews, like a yes or no or one-to-five rating.

  • Advanced reviews

    Create custom review forms and capture the information you need. Include a variety of question types, like multiple choice or text-response.

  • Review notes and comments

    Enable reviewers to easily leave notes and comments on applications, or application materials.

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