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Enable better decision making with application highlights

Ross May

Your reviewers are key stakeholders in running your application cycle; their happiness is essential to the success of your program. Reviewers are often experts in their field, and are commonly volunteering their time to help you make decisions about who moves forward or receives an award.

As a program administrator, it’s essential that you provide reviewers with a frictionless reviewing experience. Their time is valuable, and replacing a reviewer can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

SurveyMonkey Apply already enables a frictionless reviewing experience with a modern, easy to use interface, side-by-side viewer, and granular customization options for every program and review stage. Now, you can further enhance your reviewer’s experience with Application Highlights.

Application Highlights takes reviewing to the next level by highlighting information for your reviewers that you deem most helpful to their decision-making process. This not only allows administrators to indicate what information is most important in the review process, but also allows reviewers to get key application information at a glance.


How it works

Administrators can configure application highlights within the program workflow for each review stage. These stage-level settings allow you to customize the information you would like to highlight for each unique review stage. We designed it this way because we know that each review stage in your workflow has a unique purpose. The reviewers assigned in each stage are often evaluating an application on different criteria, and you want to highlight the information that is most relevant to them, and that will enable them to make informed decisions.


In a review stage focusing on the financial need of an applicant, you may pull their total income and expenses into the application summary, bringing this key information to the attention of the reviewer before they dig into the meat of the application.


In a review stage focusing on the academic merit of an applicant, you may pull their GPA and SAT scores into the application summary, bringing this key information to the attention of the reviewer before they dig into the meat of the application.


Reviewers are asked to review a large volume of applications under demanding time-constraints, and have a responsibility to ensure that your organization selects the very best applicants. With application highlights, you can ensure you are presenting reviewers with application data  that is most relevant to the evaluation you’re asking them to complete, so that they feel confident making efficient and informed decisions on each application. 

Delight your reviewers by configuring Application Highlights! Get started with our administrative training video or review our how-to article for more information.

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