Transforming a grant request process to drive growth

Do you manage grants that require an application? If you do, managing that process probably isn’t your only responsibility. Program managers have a lot on the go, and inefficient workflows slow things down and inhibit growth.

Are there ways to streamline administration, respond to requests faster, and take back time for mission-building initiatives?

Join us for this exclusive webinar and hear how the Giving Kitchen moved from a paper-based application to an online solution and transformed their grant request workflow into a frictionless and scalable process

Learn how the Giving Kitchen:

• Assessed their paper-based process before making the decision to move online
• Transformed their application and review process to drive program growth

We’ll also cover:

• The benefits of bringing a disconnected process together, in one system
• The critical automations that will help you work faster and smarter
• How putting grantseekers first saves you administrative time
• Concrete best-practices to help you streamline your own workflow

Meet the presenters:

Leah Melnick

Programs Director, Giving Kitchen

An Atlanta native, Leah is a long time volunteer and restaurant employee with valuable non-profit experience stemming from work with several organizations over the years. As the Programs Director at Giving Kitchen, Leah manages the grant programs and is an advocate for restaurant workers that apply for crisis assistance from the Giving Kitchen directly.

Amanda Newsom

Marketing and Communications Manager, Giving Kitchen

Amanda is a Georgia native, living in Athens for many years and graduating with a Masters in Nonprofit Management from the University of Georgia before moving to Atlanta. As Giving Kitchen’s Marketing and Communications Manager, Amanda sees firsthand how working in the service industry impacts restaurant workers’ home and social lives, as well as the need for the services offered by Giving Kitchen.

Nichole Vine

Content Marketing Manager, SurveyMonkey Apply

Nichole first joined the SurveyMonkey Apply Sales Development team in 2015, channeling her background in journalism and sales to connect with customers and understand their goals. As the Content Marketing Manager today, Nichole continues to interact with Apply customers on a daily basis to collect insights, feedback and stories from our most trusted users that inform website content and resources.

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