Why curiosity matters in grantmaking

Do you consider yourself a curious person? Do you encourage those you work with to be curious? Curiosity can change the way we work, and new research shows that curiosity is vital to high-performing organizations.

In this webinar, we’re joined by SurveyMonkey’s resident Research Scientist, Erin Pinkus, to explore ways organizations can foster a culture of curiosity, why it matters, and how it translates into successful grantmaking.

We’ll cover:

• The benefits of curiosity for grantmaking organizations
• How to foster curiosity in your organization and career
• Results from our “Curiosity in Grantmaking” survey

Meet the presenters:

Erin Pinkus

Research Scientist, SurveyMonkey

In her role, Erin drives original research and helps integrate the best survey practices into all of SurveyMonkey's products and tools. Previously, she spent several years with AARP’s State Research department, working primarily on telephone and mail surveys for state level issues impacting people ages 50+. Erin has a Masters in Psychology from American University and earned both a Bachelors in Psychology and in Criminology at UC Irvine.

Nichole Vine

Content Marketing Manager, SurveyMonkey

Nichole joined SurveyMonkey in 2015, channeling her background in journalism to connect with customers and understand their goals. As the Content Marketing Manager, Nichole interacts with SurveyMonkey customers on a daily basis to collect and share insights, feedback and stories.

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